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About Us

Our Beginnings

In October of 2015 TechnoMusic Studios was founded. Originally with the focus of Photoshop, Architecture, Film, and Music, the studio was functional for its time. But as time went on TMS grew much past the realms of its original outlook. By early spring of 2016, TMS had fully developed 3 distinct studios: Architecture, Photoshop, and Film. By late fall of 2016, TechnoMusic Studios came to a block. The original purpose was to grow in a production industry but it tended to curve to a design industry focus. There was only 1 plausible fix to this problem.


On January 1, 2017, TechnoMusic Studios became Complete Arch Studios. It's simply a name change but changes to what fits the studio most. With the new CAS name, the studio became a design studio and was able to fully establish 2 studios.

Past few years

Complete Arch Studios continued for the next year to have the Graphic Design, Architecture, Photography, and Film Studios. Each producing new material each month, Complete Arch Studios has a bright future with a direction of a Modern, Complete Finish. In February 2018 CAS was given an amazing opportunity to collaborate and expand. JOY Community, a new group of believers online came to CAS in order to have us run and administer their website. With this change, CAS closed the Photography and Film studio for the foreseeable future to allow for the expansion of JOY Community. This opportunity allows us to spread our faith and expand our horizons in design. 


Complete Arch Studios has grown and expanded in the following years. In the Spring of 2019 CAS became the parent of JOY Community, our outreach ministry. Together they are 2 companies with a common purpose. CAS & JC moved to Phoenix Arizona in the fall of 2019 where they will plant further roots and continue to do God's will. 


Complete Arch Studios moved back to California in April of 2020 along with closing JOY Community. Complete Arch Studios continued to finally receive a business license. We have international reach and are thriving knowing God is our guidance. 

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